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DXD-300E  Nyhet

Artikelnummer: PSP 300Lagerplats: M-1-2


Circulations Pump 0.50HP

Type of Product: Circulation pump
Manufacturer: DXD
Common Power Reference: 1/3 HP
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 KW: 0.25 HP: RPM Low / High: 1450 Maximum Lift: 4.0 Maximum Flow/min: 240 Insulation Class: F Protection Grade: IPX5 Gross Weight (kg): 6.0
Plumbing Connections: 1.5 inch
Electrical Connections: Comes with plain cable attached
Dimensions: Length: 325 mm Height: 218 mm Depth: 156 mm
Commonly Used With : Any Hot Tub Brand 
Additional Notes: Unions included

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DXD-300E DXD-300E DXD-300E